The Problem

Your organization works hard for your clients. But sometimes even the most successful nonprofit needs professional expertise to grow, change or cope with a crisis. You have limited resources to buy professional services.

The Solution

The Alberta Community Support Network offers consultancy services to nonprofit organizations in the metro Edmonton area. Our volunteers have a solid understanding of the nonprofit and charitable sectors and can provide a broad range of professional services based on their availability.

Alberta Community Support Network

Who is the Alberta Community Support Network?

The Alberta Community Support Network is a group of community-minded consultants who have expertise and time they wish to give back to the nonprofit community. Most of our volunteer consultants reside in the metro Edmonton area, although travel may be an option.

Each of our volunteers has experience in one or more areas essential to the successful operation of a nonprofit or charitable organization. We cannot guarantee that a volunteer with the appropriate skill set you require will always be available. We promise to work with you to arrange for the support you need in as timely a way as possible.